Vision 2020 Sustainability Summit

Hanley Wood’s Sustainability Council, incorporating the Vision 2020 initiative continues in 2014. Uniting the best creative minds, exploring the most insightful research, and uncovering the greatest technological innovations, Vision 2020 focuses on our path towards deep-seeded sustainability, and carries us forward in our common mission to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the built environment between now and 2020.

Throughout the year, Hanley Wood editors will convene the most-trusted thought leaders in sustainability and high-performance building to share research, projects, and projections with our green building colleagues and constituencies—in print and online. And through the powerful reach of Hanley Wood’s media platform, which includes the websites, newsletters and social media communities of ECOBUILDING REVIEW, BUILDER, and ARCHITECT, we’ll bring a broad range of perspectives from our audience into the conversation—expanding the scope of expertise and perspectives from around the industry and around the world to shape the Vision 2020 dialogue.

Hanley Wood's Sustainability Council members will lead the development of eight focus areas of discussion.

  • Building Design + Performance
  • Green Codes, Standards and Rating Systems
  • Economics + Financing
  • Energy Efficiency + Building Science
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Materials + Products
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Water Efficiency

The initiative culminates in October with the Vision 2020 Sustainability Summit in New Orleans, during the 2014 GREENBUILD International Conference and Expo—an esteemed gathering of the Hanley Wood Sustainability Council, editors, sponsor executives, home builders, building owners, architects, urban planners, developers, and other sustainability focused leaders.

Vision 2020 Summit Website